Snapshot: Clara C & Dan Fisher’s Wedding Trailer

Earlier this summer, Clara C shared the exciting news that she had been proposed to by her beau, Dan Fisher. Well as you can imagine, the wedding preparations have begun and they’ve already sent out the invites to their friends and family. (Wait, you didn’t get one either? Sad face…) Anyhow, they’ve decided to share a portion of the invite with the rest of the world, and it’s the following “Wedding Trailer” that announces their special day while riffing on some popular film and pop culture. Gotta appreciate their sense of humor and most of all, their love!

Congratulations Clara & Dan!

The Rock

Hello! Dan and Clara here! This was a video included in our guests’ wedding invites but since Clara’s fans are like family we thought we’d share it with you all! Thank you for all the love you’ve shown our engagement and especially all the love you’ve shown Clara’s music all these years! (I’ll see ya on tour this fall as Clara Fisher but still ClaraCmusic because ClaraFmusic soundsaoisjdoasijdoaij! -Clara)

Video made by: Dan Fisher, Ed Park, Kenson Lee (ZimaCokeBack)
Voiceover by: Don at
Special Thanks to: Raymond Park

If you’d like to send Clara & Dan congratulations:

Dan Fisher and Clara-Almost-Fisher
PO Box 7053
Northridge, CA, 91327-7053

or email:

Say Cheese!

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