The Mid-Week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 8/14/13

Another week, another crop of MVs. Most of the following are fairly decent watches and even better listens. I don’t think you’ll find too much to be disappointed with in this batch. This collection is a little heavy on the rap side of things, but even that is fairly varied in it’s execution. Enjoy!

Jin x Dawen – “Over the Edge”

This is one of Jin’s stronger tracks to be released in a while. Dawen is a solid choice for the hook but unfortunately doesn’t make an appearance in the video. Solid drop all the way around.

Sam Tsui x Kina Grannis – “Bring Me the Night”

A fantastic combination and collaboration by these two Hapa artists. They look and sound great together. This is an awesome choice as the next single to promote off Make It Up.

Ruby Ibarra – “Fallin Down”

This cut off Lost in Translation is a perfect example that Ruby can spit with the best of them. The video ain’t pretty and polished but it’s truly indicative of RI’s raw style.

Andrew Huang – “Blaze”

What else can be said except this is so Andrew Huang? A gorilla and a zebra in a b-animal battle? Sure, why not. Plus the EDM influenced rap song ain’t half bad to listen to either.

XL Middleton – “Keep It Funkin”

The video is mildly amusing but it’s lo-fi/retro novelty wears off half way through. The song on the other hand is a great homage to the G-Funk era of the 90’s. I can dig it.

Jason Chu x Eva Li – “One Child”

A powerful message drives this song from Much Love but Eva Li’s middling vocals detract from the overall quality. The video is clean lacks clear direction, ineffectively pushing forward the narrative.

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