5 New Songs That You May Have Missed From The First Half of August

We’re already half way through August! Summer is winding down and Fall is just around the corner – wow, time flies. Anyway, here are a handful of songs that dropped recently but we haven’t covered yet here on a-Tunes. Of course we throw in our 2 yen for the heck of it as well.

  1. Baiyu – “Sensory Overload”
    A moody R&B tune that adds to Baiyu’s collection of free monthly tunes in 2013. This may not be the catchiest tune out there, but it’s a strong listen nonetheless.
    Get It: Bandcamp 

  3. SOmong – “Rest In Peace”
    Heartfelt and streamlined, evoking a good balance of melancholy and wonderment.
    Get It:  Soundcloud 
  4. AM Kidd – “Don’t Forget About You”
    If you can get drawn into the lyric’s narrative, it’s a pretty decent song. If not, then it doesn’t do a whole lot to stand out from Kidd’s other Key-Hop pieces.

  6. AJ Rafael x Andrew Garcia – “The Day I Became Cool”
    Perhaps the most radio-friendly Music Lab creation yet. It’s not perfect in this form but there could be potential if they tracked it properly in the studio.

  8. iNCH – “The Chefalo Know”
    Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t wait until Inch’s Bumfuzzle drops in the near future. It’s indie-rock song gems like this that keeps me intruiged.

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