Utada Hikaru’s Mother, Fuji Keiko, Leaps to Her Death

It’s always tough to share bad news. We’ve seen Japanese singer, Utada Hikaru, go through a number rough patches over the past few years but this is likely the toughest event yet. It’s been reported that a few days ago on August 22nd, Utada’s mother, Fuji Keiko, jumped from the 13th floor of her condominium building and died as a result. Fuji was an established singer herself (Her debut album’s number-one record of 20 consecutive weeks remains the longest consecutive number-one record in Oricon history). There was no evidence of foul play nor was there a suicide note – making closure tough to come by.

Our deepest sympathies go out to Utada, her family, and anyone else grieving from this event.

Source: Japan Today

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