The Mid-Week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 8/28/13

It’s become unofficial tradition to talk about the latest music video every Wednesday, and who are we to mess with tradition? The release pipeline hasn’t been quite as busy this past week, but there’s still a half dozen clips to check out. And because I know everyone hangs on my every word, I’ve included my opinion of each video as well.

Kevin Kaho Tsui – “LFK”

OK, this isn’t a complete music video, but it’s production values for a lyric video are so strong, I had to include it in the mix. The bits of paper-style animation and the textography make for a compelling watch and a strong way to promote Kevin’s latest folk-pop offering.

Steve Aoki x Chris Lake x Tujamo – “Boneless”

This is another vocal-less entry with Steve Aoki promoting his new song, “Boneless”. The video makes fun use of a retro 80s/90s VHS type of vibe and contains a synthy bass line that has been repeating in my head for hours. All things considered, this ain’t a bad release.

Gunnarolla x HetareBBoy – “Konkai (This Time)”

Gunn has been talking about an Asian Pop album for sometime and this is one of the fruits of his labor. He sprinkles a little bit of Japanese, features a Japanese rapper, and shot the video in Tokyo for the total authentic package. It’s got a new-wave influence that I kinda dig.

Joseph Vincent – “Be There”

JV closes out the trilogy(part 1, part 2) of his MVs with “Be There” off the Blue Skies album. It’s a cute, light-hearted release that relies on cliches and feel-good moments to carry us through. As a stand-alone clip, it’s decent enough but definitely better serves its purpose as a part of a trilogy.

J. Reyez x Jimmyboi – “What You Know About Me”

It’s your standard commercial Hip-Hop video and song. Pompous chest banging braggadocio combined with the flaunting of material wealth. The video is well edited with a touch of humor that helps it be somewhat memorable, and the production and flows are decent.

Andrew Huang – “Burning Up”

We’ve seen A. Huang bring the glitch treatment before. This time he takes Kylie Minogue clips, edits them beyond recognition and sets it to the music of “Burning Up”, off his Voyager release. It’s interesting, in a trippy way, though I can’t say it’s a favorite of mine.

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