Snapshot: Sonia of Jayesslee & Husband Announce Pregnancy!

The Expanding Family
First comes love, then comes marriage, then….?

Yep. Baby carriage time. Sonia of Jayesslee has announced that she and her husband Andy are expecting a baby boy! They posted an image up of their sonogram with the news that baby Jayden is due in January. What a great way to start off 2014! Life moves fast sometimes, huh? Congratulations to the happy couple and their growing family!

Here’s the FB announcement.

Hey guys! It has been a while and a lot of you have been asking where we’ve been. Well, we have some very special news for you.

Sonia and Andy are HAVING A BABY BOY! Baby Jayden is expected to arrive in January. We have been anticipating to share the news for so long, sorry for keeping you in the dark!

We’ll keep you posted on the pregnancy and how we’re doing. Miss you guys a lot and hope you’re all well! xoxo

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