Liven It Up With These 7 Live Performance Clips

It’s one thing to be a good recording artist, it’s another to be able to do it well in a live session. Whether live or in a controlled studio environment, not having the benefit of unlimited takes brings a new challenge and energy to the mix. So we took a sampling of recently shared live clips and threw them in here to see how our artists fare. Some of these are better watches than others, so let’s see how your favorites may have fared.

Legaci – “Ready for Love”

Legaci takes things back to their Little Black Book album and sing their R&B jam, “Ready for Love”. It’s a few years old but the ballad hasn’t lost it’s luster one bit, especially in this one take session clip.

Quest Crew x Caravan Palace

Quest Crew dropped in for a surprise performance with one of their favorite bands, the electro-swing outfit known as Caravan Palace. They crew has danced to their music before when on So You Think You Can Dance, and show why the modernized, retro style works so well for them.

AJ Rafael x Epic Lloyd – “(I’m Looking for) Trouble”

Coming from AJ’s MusicLab series, he teams up with Epic Lloyd for an anthem-like song along with a couple other criteria that was selected uniquely for this collaboration. Have you ever seen AJ rap? If not, this may be worth the watch for that reason alone.

Far East Movement – “The Illest”

FM once again shows how much energy and stage presence they have, but it’s a shame this clip didn’t have better production values. Rough audio and sub-par camera angles give it authenticity but lacks present-ability.

Jihae – “I Put a Spell On You”

Indie rocker, Jihae, is gearing up to drop her album, Illusion of You, and has been sharing more of his music as a result. This clip is from a set at the Viper Room. It’s a moody, bluesy rock number that she pulled off fairly well.

Jihae – “Who Can Stop the Rain”

This is 2nd entry from Jihae and takes things in a more acoustic direction. Watching this made me realize something… I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Jihae smile. She always looks so inherently unhappy.

Andrew Huang – “Math Dubstep”

OK, this is kind of pushing the limits of what a live performance is but it’s interesting enough that I’m going to include it. Not one to stick to conventions, he switches things up with the time signature to bring you some dubstep. If anything, it’s a cool musical exercise.

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