The Hip-Hop Remixes Youtube Round-Up – 10/7/13

For today’s Remix round-up, we stuck to the genre of Hip-Hop. There are some well known, current songs on here, along with a couple older and lesser known beats. A quite a few of these are pretty enjoyable and a decent flip when compared to the original. Check em out and see if there’s anything to your liking.

J. Reyez x Lydia Paek Remixe “Power Trip” by J. Cole

Ruby Ibarra & Friends Remix “Scapegoat” by Atmosphere

Lil Crazed x Phlip x Block Remixes “Bad” by Wale

J. Moy Remixes “Thank You” by Kendrick Lamar

Shogunna Remixes “Dreams” by Notorious B.I.G.

D-Pryde Remixes “Furthest Thing” & “Wu-Tang Forever” by Drake

Verseatile Remixes “5AM in Toronto” by Drake

The Fung Brothers Remix “Backseat” by Kendrick Lamar

Goni Remixes “Look At Me Now” by Chris Brown, “6’7′” & A Millie by LIl Wayne

Chris Cash Remixes “Rich as Fuck” by Lil Wayne

Alexander Jung Remixes “Rodeo” by Juvenile


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