The Mid-Week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 10/9/13

This week’s music video round-up leans a little heavier on the Hip-Hop side of things, but even then, there’s a fair amount of variety within the genre. There’s some more hard hitting tunes, along with some smoother joints and a couple switch-ups altogether.

Gowe – “Magneto”

One of Seattle’s best has announced that he is at work on his Sophomore album. But in the mean time, Gowe dropped this music video to “Magneto”. The spacey production and artsy video make for a dope combination. I can appreciate the occasional cerebral Hip-Hop tune.

J. Reyez – “Me & My People”

JR promotes the next cut from Make It Happen in the form of “Me & My People”. We’ve got the usual ingredients for a Hip-Hop video, only it’s set against the gorgeous backdrop of Europe. It’s hard not to be drawn into some of the scenery. Also, look for that cameo by Lydia Paek!

Andrew Huang – “Day by Day”

A. Huang returns with a sunny video for this Youth Mouth single. It’s simple, sure, but the editing choices made it more entertaining than it would seem. But overall, I enjoyed the bouncy feel of the song above everything else.

Dumbfoundead – “After Two”

DFD continues with the Parker rebranding with his latest video for “After Two”, off Old Boy Jon. Compelling use of color and lighting but this is one of those productions that is a smoother listen than it is a watch. But a weaker Dumb vid is stronger than many other’s best.

Rocky Sandoval – “All Night Long”

It’s been a while since we heard from Rocky, He links up with Leezy Soprano on this radio-ready R&B jam, though I wasn’t too fond of his contribution. It’s a catchy tune overall, though. You should head over to the Youtube video page to read some context behind the track – it’s a shame the song couldn’t be more “official”.

Willie B x JL – “Groovy Sounds”

Sometimes you gotta keep things in-house to do it right. The Belly Out team comes out in full force with Willie B & JL on this CTRU beat. If you like a bit of island flavor in your music, this may be a welcome change of pace for you. I can’t say Willie kills it on the song but it’s entertaining in the end. Plus there’s a couple of cameos by Lyricks and Big Pete in the back,

David Choi – “Chill Tonight”

It’s hard to do a musical PSA without coming off as corny. Unfortunately this video/single suffers a similar fate. Bottom line, don’t text and drive.

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