Four Live Performances to Start Your Week Right

It’s the beginning of the week, and that brings dread for many as another cycle of work and perhaps school begins. But if you’re a fan of acoustic, live performances, perhaps this will help get things started off on the right foot. A couple of these clips in particular are especially enjoyable.

Run River North – “Beetle”

Loved this. If only the audio was a bit cleaner but what can you expect when you’re shooting by the waterfront on a wet day in Brooklyn? The band formerly known as Monsters Calling Home continue to kill it.

AJ Rafael – “Without You”

This is a fantastic arrangement of AJ Rafael’s Pop/Rock hit, “WIthout You“. It includes an orchestra and a choir, adding a great texture and element to the song, transforming it into almost something entirely different.

Goh Nakamura – “Here’s a Secret”
[vimeo w=600]Goh is no stranger to small, independent movies and this clip is from one such project called Life Inside Out. OK, this isn’t exactly a live performance since it’s just a staged one from a movie, but you know what? We’re including it anyways.

Jihae – “Slaughterhouse of Love”

Jihae continues the the promotion for her upcoming Illusion of You album. This is a simple acoustic one-shot take of the song which is reportedly the last track yet to be recorded for the project. I’m not overly enthusiastic about the song thus far, but we’ll see what happens after some studio polish.

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