Worst Ever: The Masterminds Behind Rebecca Black Return With Alison Gold & “Chinese Food”

OK. By this point I think Patrice Wilson is fully aware of what he’s doing. Kids with marginal talent, a little bit of money and their parents with illusions of grandeur approach Mr. Wilson to put together a song and video package. Next thing you know, we have such “gems” like Rebecca Black’s “Friday”. These songs become famous for all the wrong reasons but I guess bad publicity is better than none?

Regardless, the latest song to drop from the production house is “Chinese Food” by Alison Gold. It’s not really maliciously offensive like “Asian Girlz” was, rather it’s curiously awkward/ignorant and racially (and maybe even musically) tone deaf. The most frustrating aspect is the ridiculous over usage of Asian stereotypes to propagate the idea of Chinese…. because it’s all one and the same, right?

All I can do is sigh at this point.

Alison, please surround yourself with better people. This was not a great decision,


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