It’s About Time – DefJam Announces Jhené Aiko’s Debut EP, ‘Sail Out’, Due 11/12/13

Jhené Aiko has been quietly navigating her way through the music industry for years, but it looks as if her time in the spotlight may finally be upon us. If you want the full press release, you can read it over on DefJam’s site, but here’s the gist…

November 12th (11/12/13) will be the official release date for her debut EP. It’s going to contain 7 tracks including her previously released “3:16am” as well as her new single, “Bed Peace”. The Pop/R&B singer has a couple features by the likes of Childish Gambino and Kendrick Lamar. So it’s got a lot of potential on paper, for sure.

We’re looking forward to hearing the project from the No I.D. protege!

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