Cilla Chan Is Eliminated From the Voice; Shares Her Thoughts on the Experience

With reality TV, it’s a given that there are characters that get more camera time and those that serve as fodder to propel things forward. After seeing Cilla Chan‘s successful Voice audition packaged into a montage, we knew that things weren’t looking great for the talented singer, at least from NBC’s point of view. Unfortunately, the trend continued and her battle round with Holly Henry was once again packaged into a montage clip and never aired in it’s entirety. And perhaps worst of all is the fact that Cilla did not win the battle and has been eliminated from Team Blake and the show as a whole.

She shared some thoughts on Twitter immediately after the episode aired:

My thoughts on the our battle: there were mistakes made that were neither mine or Holly’s fault that I thought they wouldn’t want to air and I already had a feeling they wouldn’t want to show it…

I want to say the biggest THANK YOU to everyone all the love I’ve gotten in the past few weeks!! I always went into every round of The Voice not expecting anything and I honestly never thought I’d ever get as far as I did (48 out of 50,000! What!!!). It was always so humbling being around the most talented singers in the world. I went in with a goal of proving to myself that I could be one amongst the best – for me personally, getting onto the show was the biggest accomplishment of my life. I met the most incredible friends (who I’ll be rooting for until the very end!!), got to be on Team BLAKE (!!) and had the time of my life. 

Of course it was disappointing to have it end so soon (at least in the TV world) and I no doubt wish the outcome had been different. The circumstance was tough because although one of the coaches wanted to use a steal it was not an available option by the time we performed. The song choice and arrangement were also not in our control. Cher was the most amazing guest mentor and told me she believed in my talent which meant the world to me. And despite all of this, I will forever be grateful to Blake for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime and I have the utmost respect and love for Holly. I know gave it my best out there and it is amazing to know I will forever have the absolute honor of saying that I was on THE VOICE. Life is all about relishing in experiences and enjoying the journey – this one has been an absolute blast. I’ll continue to dream big – whether in music or otherwise – and I know this is just the beginning!!

Her live reactions to the show are below:

No matter what, we are so proud of Cilla. We imagine she’s only grown from the experience and we can’t wait to hear more from her now that her run on the show is over. #TeamCilla!

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