New Singles & Albums From 10 Artists for the 10th Month of the Year

We’ve fallen a bit behind with sharing some of the new singles and albums that have dropped within the past month or so. We’re here to make amends with this convenient group of releases from 10 artists (that coincidentally coincides with it being the 10th month). It’s actually 11 songs/albums since we have two entries from AM Kidd, but either way they are all here for your purchasing, downloading, streaming convenience. If you see/hear something you like it, be sure to support the artists! In alphabetical order (by artist): Alexander Spit – “Down” [Single] Hip-Hop Get It: HNHH AM Kidd – “I’ll Walk You Home” [Single]

Acoustic/Rap/Key-Hop Get It: Soundcloud AM Kidd – “Sinking Ships” [Single]
Key-Hop Get It: Bandcamp Baiyu – “Surrender” [Single] R&B Get It: Bandcamp Belly OutSoFull Music [Mixtape] Hip-Hop Get It: Bandcamp Snacky ChanThe Jazz [EP] Hip-Hop Get It: Bandcamp Clara COrganika [LP] Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter Get It: Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Spotify Mike B x Julia Harriman – “Grammy Night” [Single] Hip-Hop Get It: Bandcamp Sam Ock – “Moving On” [Single] Singer-Songwriter/Rap Get It: Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Spotify Steve Aoki x Rune RK x  RAS – “Bring You to Life (Transcend)” [Single] EDM Get It: Amazon, Google Play, iTunes WantingSay the Words [LP] Pop/Rock Get It: Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Spotify

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