Get Your Karaoke On With These 5 New Lyric Videos

Ah, the lyric video. It’s gone from boring, static text just a few years ago to full blown productions and a legitimate promotional tool on it’s own. Of course, the quality can land anywhere in between, but we’ve got a handful to share with you today. These are all recently released clips to promote new or upcoming singles by these artists. Have a listen, read along and if no one is around, maybe try singing along too. We won’t tell.

Girl Radical – “Don’t Get Me Wrong”

The all female pop machine known as Girl Radical (with Meeghan Henry) has released this single to the masses. I would have liked to seen an official music video since they are a new group that is looking to establish themselves, but this is a pretty decent LV with some cool retro, 90s inspired art direction. It’s like flipping through a digital trapper keeper.
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Kevin Kaho Tsui – “Follow You” ft  張菀桐 (Karmen Cheung)

I’m loving what they did with the lyric video, though my enthusiasm is a bit throttled for the song itself (off of Party, Love & Dreams). It’s a decent singer/songwriter tune, but it didn’t leave an unforgettable impact on me. Including Karmen Cheung was a nice touch, even if they don’t quite sound as nice as they should together.
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Jason Chen – “Unexpectedly”

This tune is off Jason Chen’s acoustic album, What If. In my opinion, Chen sounds best on lighter sounding, more traditional pop tunes like this. It’s def a good fit for his vocal skill set. The LV is cute enough but hardly avant-garde.

Nylon Pink – “TKO”

Nylon Pink is stepping things up with their blend of power rock, electronic elements, and energy. The song is catchy in a “I-can-imagine-this-blasting-in-a-mall-clothing-store” type of way. The lyric video is the usual kinetic typography ordeal – effective but not too particularly creative anymore.
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Legaci – “Barricade”

If you haven’t picked up last year’s Driven Legaci album, maybe this will sway you towards a purchase. They use this LV to promote another R&B song from the album, and for purist rhythm & blues fans such as myself, this is a welcome sound for sore ears. The typography is OK, but not as impressive as the song itself.
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