The Mid-Week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 10/31/13

Now this is more like it. The past few weeks have been a little thin in terms of Music Video output, but a number of artists have dropped videos since our last round-up (less than a week ago), and we’ve posted them up to share with you. There are a couple of highly anticipated clips, some fun collaborations, and a lot of variety to go around.

Jhene Aiko x Childish Gambino – “Bed Peace”

Jhene Aiko & Childish Gambino channeling Yoko Ono & Lennon? Unexpected but it kinda works. The video plays out as an interesting homage to the iconic musical couple, but I’m much more into the track itself. If this is an indicator of what we can expect from Sail Out, consider me excited.’

Chops x Paul Kim x Dumbfoundead – “No Turning Back”

This track is pretty representative of what this site is all about. Artists who are each considered some of the strongest players in their own mediums, coming together to make good music. Chops, PK & DFD all on one joint? Sign me up. Strength In Numbers is setting up some high expectations.

Wanting – “”阳光下的我们 (Us Under The Sunshine)”

Wanting steps out with an international tune to promote off of Say the Words. I may not understand the lyrics, but the video does a decent enough job to lead you through the narrative. Her videos are always interesting and a bit quirky – but I can appreciate that.

Sam Ock – “Moving On”

Mr. Ock seems to be on some kind of Andrew Huang-esque type of vibe with his latest music video. It’s a great mix of typography and slightly-glitch stylized footage for this single. It’s not perfect, but there is strength and a sense of elegance in it’s simplicity.

Girl Radical – “Don’t Get Me Wrong”

So many group members… it’s hard to keep track! But I guess the one we’re most interested in is Meeghan Henry and it’s not too hard to pick her out of the lineup. We shared the LV to this tune the other day, and we’re glad to see an official MV got made, even if it looks like it cast 17 dollars to make.

Steve Aoki x Rune RK x Ras – “Bring You to Life (Transcend)” (ft Richard Simmons)

The video’s got Richard Simmons and EDM ala Steve Aoki…. I don’t know what else to say. Even if you never thought what that would play out like, it’ll still somehow be exactly what you expected.

Mic Barz x Timothy Flu – “Top Down”

With Chops on a beat, it’s hard to go wrong – and he provides the needed southern soul sound for these artists. The video follows a typical blueprint, street shots, skyline shots, car shots… you know what to expect. That being said, it’s a pretty strong tune off the upcoming Strength in Numbers.

J. Reyez x Jordan Lorenzo – “This Isn’t Who We Are”

By this point, it shouldn’t really surprise me anymore, but the quality of J. Reyez’s videos is way ahead many of his contemporaries. And he’s put the sharp visuals to good use to promote a strong R&B hip-hop track with Jordan Lorenzo. Pretty decent, all the way around.

Chris Cash – “Short, Chubby, Ugly”

A bit self-serving, but certainly humorous and tongue-in-cheek. It’s kind of a goofy/bizarre humble-brag in rap form. Is it great art? Not really, but it has it’s entertaining moments.

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