The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 11/06/13

Wow… it’s already November. Well we can’t let the 1st week of Thanksgiving Month go by without keeping you up to date on the MV front. It’s a fairly healthy pack today, with just shy of 10 music videos for you to check out. And it also marks the return of a couple artists who have been fairly quiet this year, so you’ll def want to check those out.

Aziatix – “Baby Let’s Go”

Aziatix has been a little quiet since signing to Cash Money, but it looks like they’ve been busy on the business end of things, inking a promotional deal with Toyota. So if you’re interested in hearing a solid Pop single set to a glorified Corolla commercial, then this is the video to watch. Let’s hope things only progress rapidly from here for the trio!

J. Reyez x Lydia Paek – “The One”

Reyez & Paek have been working together for some time, and they continue to build off their chemistry with this new track. The video is clean but lacks that extra shiny polish that some of JR’s past work have had. The song is fairly catchy but definitely under utilizes the Quest Crew queen’s talents, save for the bridge.

Wanting – “Love Ocean”

This one isn’t quite as new as the others, it’s over a month old, but we somehow completely missed it! It’s another international single from Wanting’s album, Say the Words. Beautifully shot but kind of formulaic, where they see how many odd places can they place a grand piano.

Latyrx x Forrest Day – “Exclamation Point”

Promoting their aptly titled sophomore project, The Second Album, Latyrx have created a music video with a vintage, 90’s feel but modernized with today’s sheen. Both the song and visual have a subdued nostalgic vibe that makes it seem like it was taken straight out of MTV, back when they used to air music videos.

Jason Chen – “Gravity”

This is more of a psuedo-MV, with it being staged like a live acoustic performance set to promote Jason’s new What If acoustic album. So the video is is middling in production values but the 2011 single translates pretty well to the new, stripped format.

Dumbfoundead x Jose Rios – “Angeles”

Another performance clip, this time DFD aka Parker spits for Jose Rios and his upcoming project, To Live and Grow in LA. Mr. Park’s style has always lent itself well to the bluesy, live type of vibe, so this matching is just as strong as one would expect.

Bambu x Cutso – “My Potnas”

Bam returns with a quick promo video for this cut off of Sun of a Gun. It screams indie quality, but that’s expected from a street Hip-Hop video. But of course, you know he couldn’t go through without making a social/political statement or two.

Mark Agustin x Oliver Sangalan – “VIvid”

One of my biggest pet peeves as a music blogger is when artists don’t properly adjust the aspect ratios of their videos. It screams unprofessional. Mark Agustin’s new video is your typical home-made video, looking more fitting for 2008 rather than 2013. It’s a shame cause the song ain’t half bad.

David Choi – “Rollercoaster”

This is the most “authentic” of the live clips in this round-up. It’s a legitimate, one-take affair. Of course there are some goofy cameos in the back to help give the video a little flair. That being said, it’s a no-frills affair with some audio mild but irritating audio distortion. Watch the official MV instead.

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