The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 11/21/13

A little late this week but we got em in there. Here’s your mid-week review collection with a healthy mix of indie alt-rock, to variations of Pop and a little bit of Hip-Hop as well. It’s a diverse bag for the week, but I can appreciate that – keep things interesting, don’t you agree?

Andy Suzuki & the Method – “Born Out of Mischief”

A. Suzuki & company have done a good job with this video in mixing in genuine moments of nostalgia with the unbridled spirit of being a young artist today. The video really hits the mark in representing the song well. If this band isn’t on your watch list as an upcoming act, they should be. A great effort through and through for this EP title track.

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down – “The Feeling Kind”

Thao & the Get Down Stay Down return with their quirky blend of folk/rock, making a splash with a new music video. Despite having the proper permits in place, production was shut down on the new bay bridge due to drivers being too distracted. That alone should be enough reason to check out this single from We the Common.

Dawen – “你好 (Hello)”

It looks like Dawen has made the full transition to being an international artist. His debut single overseas is the appropriately titled “Hello”. If you like your pop music upbeat with just a touch of soul and humor, then this should be a satisfying music video and single for you. Not a bad way to start things off in his new home.

Jessi Malay – “Bougie” (Trap Remix) ft Six Reasons

I think I prefer this trap remix over the club-friendly original. But I still wouldn’t put this in my favorites list, I just think it has a better sound with the added bounce. The music video reuses a lot of footage from the original, but adds a few new scenes to the mix.

Mike-Dash-E – Come Up

This video ain’t fancy, but it’s pretty well done although could have used just a little bit more variety. This isn’t the first time Dash has talked about his grind and hard work, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. But all in all, it’s a pretty decent track and another good addition to his catalog. I was diggin’ the beat choice in particular.

Yenn – “I Don’t Need You to Love Me” (Rainbow Trash Remix) ft Legacy

This is another cause where I think the remix outshines the body of work it’s based on. I was never too big on initial iteration but it’s practically a totally different song with this remix – and for the better. The video matches the new vibe of the song as well, although it’s a bit indecisive and unfocused.

Paul Jisung Kim – “I’m Not a Rapper”

Paul J. Kim has always shown himself to be a multi-faceted artist, and he decided to utilize one of his lessed developed skills for the next promotional single. “I’m Not a Rapper” is from his The World Sings EP and it initially comes off as tongue in cheek and goofy. But it’s not quite as light as it seems with the song throwing in does of Paul’s Christian faith and values.

Priscilla Ahn – “Leave It Open”
OK, you’re actually gonna have to watch this one on Myspace. Yea, they still exist. Anyway, when I first heard this track I wasn’t so sure how well I’d take Priscilla switching things up and singing over synths and drum machines (Despite previously hearing her on a Tiesto track and liking it). Turns out, it really grew on me and I’m beginning to appreciate the singer’s versatility. I think you’ll feel the same.

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