The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 12/12/13

Oh hi, I didn’t see you there. What brings you to these neck of the woods? Oh, the mid-week music video mini-reviews round-up, you say? Well then, you’re in luck – we have a fresh batch for you right here. No I don’t usually have unintelligible self-serving monologues but it’s been a long day and I wanted to get this post in. So without further ado, here is this week’s collection of music videos, in absolutely no particular order.

New Heights – “Dear

The group may be separated by distance, but we’re encouraged by the fact that they are still putting music together – even if it’s in a more modular form. Their new single has Chris taking center stage and they chose a simple video to go with a simple song. Not a bad route, but the watch isn’t nearly as interesting as the listen.

Laura Mam – “Soben Sneh”

Laura Mam has kept herself occupied since The Like Me’s went on hiatus earlier this year. She just released a new EP, Meet Me in the Rain, and this is the first video of the project. She’s been known to stick close to her Cambodian roots and it’s been a good move for her thus far.  It’s a cute video for a cute song.

Andrew Huang – “For Love”

Huang’s The Coldest Darkness is now out and this is one of two new music videos that have dropped for it. I’m a fan of the track but wasn’t quite as engrossed by the video as some of his previous work. But purely as a vehicle to promote the song, it does it’s job just fine.

Andrew Huang – “You Could Be The Answer”

On the other hand, I’m liking this video more than the above entry. The black & yellow color scheme adds just a little bit more visual pop. And per usual, Andrew meshes a number of musical styles together into what is ultimately a generally satisfying sound.

Elise Estrada – “All It Takes is a Moment”

The latest project from Elise Estrada is this song for a cause, in support of the Philippines in light of the typhoon devastation they recently experienced. She chose to tone down her usual up-beat Pop eccentricities and just sing a simple Pop ballad. It’s a valid reminder not to forget to help when, where, and however we can.

Kina Grannis – “Message From Your Heart

It’s been a mind boggling 6 years since Kina first debuted her single, “Message From Your Heart”. In celebration, she’s asked her devoted fanbase (affectionately known as Kinerds) to contribute to this montage video and share their heartfelt messages. She’s done a fantastic job over the years of keeping her fans engaged and just goes to show that she hasn’t forgotten those who pushed her to where she is now.

Tony T Nguyen – “Another Chance”

I can’t say I ever really considered Tony T the strongest vocalist, so I’m glad to see him play to his other musical strengths with this instrumental piece. He went with a heavily edited, abstract video to bring us something a little more interpretive and substantial than your average MV. I can appreciate this one.

Ryan Mitchell Grey – “Canteen”

Even though the Mitchell Grey frontman has some squeaky clean vocals, he’s able to add just enough soul and blues to give it a touch of color. I like how he didn’t purely stick to a typical video and used some symbolism. That being said, it’s pacing is a little slow and unresolved.

Far East Movement – “The Illest (Deorro vs Victor Niglio Remix)”

FM’s “The Illest” is one of those tracks that just slaps in the car. I can’t say I like this remix more than the original but it’s EDM stylized direction is fitting for the tour footage montage of a music video that they’ve released. If you’re an FM fan, you’ll probably appreciate it – if not, then you can likely move on and skip this.

The Slants – “Adopted” ft AWOL Dance Collective

The Slants are one of those rock bands that keep a bit of the eccentric, theatrical flair from the genre’s glory days. Like much of their other visuals, the quality isn’t extraordinarily crisp but they still manage to keep things interesting. AWOL Dance Collective has a lot to do with that. And this also goes to show that they haven’t finished promoting The Yellow Album just yet.

Joseph Vincent x Jason Chen – “Christmas With You”

Christmas tunes are the type of songs that lend themselves well to easy listening, super-clean pop. And who is our unofficial champion of that genre? Jason Chen, of course. And he’s joined by his ever-so-slightly edgier musical brethren, Joseph Vincent. Play this by the fireplace while you sip on non-alcoholic eggnog with the family over a game of candyland.

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