The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Review Round-Up – 7/24/13

Videos, videos, videos everywhere. Here is a group of visuals for original songs that were recently released but not covered quite yet on a-Tunes. And as is becoming the norm, our lighting review opinions are included as well. Enjoy this round-up for the last full week of July, folk.

Traphik x Andrew Garcia x GSeven – “Airplanes & Terminals”

Acoustic Hip-Hop is starting to become more common in popular music and it’s safe to say I’m a fan. This new joint & MV from Traphik, Andrew Garcia & GSeven may be a bit over self congratulatory but these guys have worked hard to get where they are. Song’s catchy and the video is clean, and both are certainly enjoyable.

Purchase: Google Play, iTunes, Spotify

Far East Movement x Riff Raff – “The Illest”

This is one of those songs that you can’t over analyze – either you enjoy it or you don’t. Personally, I’m diggin’ this FM release. The song has a ridiculous beat and is unmistakably catchy. The music video is likewise as non-sensical and light hearted as you’d expect with a ton of cameos, including Dumbfoundead.

Purchase: Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Spotify

Andrew Huang – “Water”

Uh… what!? How is this guy so consistently creative? Andrew Huang took up the challenge to make a song solely from the sound of water. This was the result and it’s pretty-freakin’-awesome. I’m more than impressed because he not only did it, he did it… well…. get it? OK, sorry. I’ll stop and close a-Tunes forever…

Dia Frampton – “Footsteps”

By now it should be well known that I’m an unapologetic Dia Frampton (quasi) fanatic. That being said, my feelings were a bit mixed for this presentation. The song is beautifully written and her unique phrasing is always a pleasure but the audio was a bit uneven. I’d very much like to hear a properly tracked, studio version of this song. It’s got potential.

Sue Jin x James Paek – “Home”

This song off her EP, Am, the 2nd Installment. The piano ballad itself is stronger than it’s video – simply because it’s more polished. The ice skating segments were a nice watch but felt too much like glorified home video footage. Both Sue Jin & James have unconventional and powerful voices, giving everything a heavy, overly, dramatic feel.

Download: Soundcloud

Derez – “Yellow N!gga”

The song’s got a catchy but generic beat. Derez is definitely a talented rapper but this joint didn’t stand out too much either way. And I’m still confused as to why nearly all his videos looks like it was shot through a soft-focus instagram filter. Overall, it’s middle-of-the-road.

Gunnarolla x Songs to Wear Pants to (Andrew Huang) – “The Comic Sans Song (JWKTJE Remix)”

There’s realy no other way to describe both song and video as absurdly silly yet oddly entertaining. Gunna & STWPT can create songs about anything and still make it fun. I don’t get it… it’s like some type of musical hypnosis. I never thought I’d be reciting lyrics about a font… A FONT.

Purchase: Amazon, Bandcamp, Google Play, iTunes, Spotify

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