Lisa Park is the Coolest Musician Ever, Hands Down

[vimeo w=600]

Is this real life? OK, I may not have a jetpack or flying car, but I finally feel like I’ve undeniably stepped into 2014. If you’re wondering what you just saw, read the following description.

The young woman is Lisa Park. The performance is called Eunoia. The headpiece is not conveying anything to her directly. Instead, it’s reading her. It’s a NeuroSky MindWave transmitting data about her brainwaves via Bluetooth back to a computer, where a program takes the brainwave data and translates it into sounds played on the speakers set beneath the dishes of water.

What? How? OK, it may not be something you’ll want to rock out to on your playlist but this is avant garde musical art at it’s finest. You should definitely check out the rest of the article over at Omnireboot for more on Amy and her bleeding edge craft.

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