The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 1/9/14

Bambu x DJ Q-Bert – “Crosshairs”

What you know about a DJ Q-Bert & Bambu collaboration? That’s what we get with “Crosshairs”. The visual follows the expected street video blueprint but this one is all about the song anyway. Q can still cut up the vinyl with the best of them – let’s hope we hear more from these fellas soon.

Nylon Pink – “Heart Attack”

Eclectic all-female rock band Nylon Pink has made their return with this music video. Perhaps known more for their completely re-arranged covers of K-Pop songs, it’s good to see them making a bigger push for their own original music. This one tones down the tempo a little bit and targets the Pop more than the Rock in Pop/Rock. The video alright but the song is sneakily catchy.

Wanting – “When It’s Lonely”

The next single off Say the Words to be promoted is this ballad. She and her team opted to simplify this one, forgoing the big sets and exploding pianos (though one is still present) for something a little more visually poetic. I’m liking the choice to go with dance to promote this international song.

Maribelle Anes – “Shotgun” (Acoustic Version)

This studio session video showcases a highly modified version of Maribelle’s song, completely dropping any percussion and exclusively making use of a guitar. I can’t say it’s better than the original but it does offer MA’s voice to shine just a little bit more in this arrangement.

Fung Brothers x DoughBoy – “Hong Kong Food Song”

The artist billing and song title should tell you everything you need to know about this new single. The comedic musical brothers known as The Fungs have once again take it upon themselves to highlight some of their favorite foods, this time centered around Hong Kong. It’s as silly, non-sensical, and hunger-inducing as you would expect.

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