The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 1/15/14

We don’t have as many releases to share with you today, but what we lack in quantity, these videos seem to make up in quality. It’s a short list so if you’ve got 10-15 minutes to kill, this would certainly be an enjoyable way to do it. We’re pretty much split down the middle here, with two domestic MVs and two international imports.

Run River North – “Fight to Keep”

I was very excited to find out that Run River North was returning with a new video and even more so when I heard it was debuting on Conan. So how’s the end result? From an entertainment standpoint, I enjoyed the odd survival/horror narrative they chose to employ in the MV. As for technically, the folk-pop band eschewed color and as a result it makes for an interesting but overtly dark (in terms of contrast) watch.

Chops x Tiger JK x Tasha – “Turn It Up”

Chops comissioned the team of Steve Nguyen and Choz Belen to create music video for his song with Tiger JK & Tasha. We’ve seen Choz’s heavily stylized animation before, and even after all these years it’s still a refreshing medium to flesh out an MV. Although none of the artists appeared in this, I still think you’ll like this one.

Royal Pirates – “Drawing the Line”

Thankfully, it looks like RP’s second Korean single was given a slightly bigger budget for the music video. Taking a cue from the song’s funky throwback sound, the visual remains playful and entertaining. Not too many bands find longevity in the KPOP scene but this has certainly been a pretty decent start for the trio form Southern California.

Jason Chen – “Still in Love (Part 2)”

This song would totally fit into the soundtrack of a chick-flick. This is a pretty decent tune all the way around, and shines in it’s simplicity. Releasing the What If acoustic album is proving it’s returns in dividends. The video is pretty straightforward and sticks to the script, but no complaints from me this time around.

Dawen – “Firecracker”

Dawen makes use of a large studio space and crafty editing to bring you several of his musical doppelgangers. I’m not sure it will rank as one of the most memorable videos of this year, but it has a certain charm and undeniable entertainment value. The planning and usage of space must have been ridiculous to make this final product.

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