The End-of-Week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 1/24/14

We missed the mid-week point but we didn’t want to leave you without your compilation of music videos for the week. I mean how else are you going to keep up with all the Asian-American music releases? Oh… you subscribe to them on Youtube? Well… how else are you going to hear our opinions and critiques on the projects? Oh… you don’t really care what we have to say? Well… fine! Be that way. They are here regardless so nyah. Have a good weekend, friends =)

Viennie V – “How Could You”

The pop artist decided to slow things down for this ballad about heartbreak. If there’s one thing we can count on, it’s for Viennie to always provide some decent production values. This trend continues but does so in a fairly refreshing and well thought out way. This may be my favorite video from the artist thus far.

Petey-O x Manifest x Paradise – “The Reflection”

A few months back, Petey-O dropped his SoFull Music project and one of my favorite cuts of the album was this track featuring Manifest & Paradise. The video is a little more mixed with it following the theme fairly well but it’s a bit disjointed and isn’t quite as sharp as it deserves to be. That being said, it’s easy enough to recommend a watch based on the merits of the song alone.

Goni – “G Baby”

When I first saw the title of the track, I assumed this would be a song slated for one of our Cover/Remix round-ups. But the use of the infectious KPOP song, “Gee”, is definitely a sample flip as opposed to a straight up remix – and I’m loving it. Props to Jin N Juice on the beat. As for Goni, he puts it down pretty well making for a strong track overall. The video is decent although everyone looks ridiculously cold – oh winter life on the East coast…

Alexander Spit x Jay Ughh – “Millions”

It’s been a little while since the last video drop from A. Spit, but he returns with the assistance of Jay Ughh on their track, “Millions”. The song is on point and the video is decidedly independent hip-hop affair. I thought it was solid though not remarkable, but I think I’ll have the tune on repeat for a while.

Maribelle Anes – “Like a Girlfriend”

Following a winning formula, Maribelle steps up to the mic again to give us another acoustic remix of one of her songs, “Like a Girlfriend”. I’ve become quite keen to this particular rendition and though it’s a simple in-studio music video, it remains enjoyable all the same. This girl has definitely improved and grown over the years.

Royal Pirates – “Drawing the Line” (Band Version)

We already shared the regular version of this video with you, but like many of their KPOP counterparts, Royal Pirates have released a band-centric cut of their visual. Keeping it in line with the idol culture over there, it makes sense to give fans more screen time of their favorite stars. The song is still just as fun a couple weeks later but if you ask me, I’ll stick to the original video.

D-Pryde – “Paper Hearts”

Dang. Prizzy isn’t content with doing it behind the mic, but now he’s tryna get work in behind the boards. This joint is his first self-produced song and makes use of ethereal Tori Kelly sample. The video is standard fare and definitely watchable though it makes me wish for the days when he and Rik Cordero were an inseparable team.

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