Worst Ever: Blackface in South Korea (Next to Snoop Dogg)

OK, OK, OK. It’s clear as day that Snoop is cool with the individual in Blackface make up. But even if he isn’t phased, that doesn’t make it right. South Korean media has a history of using Blackface caricatures in it’s productions, and though the cultural atmosphere is very different, I personally think it needs to stop.

Thankfully Snoop didn’t make too big a deal out of it (stating “Stunt double. Hahahahahah. This nigha here !!”), and I’m not suggesting public shaming is the way to go, but I certainly believe there needs to be additional dialogue regarding the issue and it’s use in media. I’m not sure everyone understands the long and storied (and often hurtful) history behind this method of portrayal… but regardless it’s a glaring indication of cultural insensitivity.

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