Alaska (and sorta Arizona) are the Most (Relatively) Supportive of Asian Musicians

I came across this interesting article on Business Insider that takes one man and his firm’s data on music consumption statistics, and presents it broken down by geographic demographic. In other words, they used their own method to crunch data to determine which states provide relatively more noteworthy support for a given artist.

A map showing each which artist enjoys the most outsized support in each state. To be clear, these aren’t necessarily the most-listened to bands in each state, but rather the bands that have unusually high support in each state.

So what is our a-Tunes take on this? Well the only state to favor an artist of Asian descent is… surprise, Alaska!?. They apparently skewed heavily in Ginger Kwan’s favor as opposed to the rest of the country – which makes sense because I doubt many are familiar with the Hong Kong bred artist.

And I suppose an honorable mention goes to Arizona and their love for Linkin Park (Mike Shinoda & Joe Hahn). There are a couple other (non-a-Tunes-related) surprises in there as well, like Michigan’s unexpected penchant for Young Jeezy so either way, it’s worth the read.

Here’s to the day when more of our artists will start to make an appearance on this map!

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