You’re Going to Want to Watch ‘aka DAN: A Korean Adoption Documentary Story’

Many of you should already be familiar with DANakaDan, the rapper whom we first got to know through afterschoolspecial. Well the past year has been an amazing rollercoaster for ride, and it’s mainly due to his journey to reconnect with his family. You see, DANakaDAN is otherwise known as Dan Matthews, a Korean adoptee who recently had the opportunity to meet with his birth family back in South Korea. And he had the awesome presence of mind to document the entire experience, which will be presented in aka DAN: A Korean Adoption Documentary Story. We. Can’t. Wait. The series premieres on March 6th.

This original documentary series follows adoptee musician Dan’s incredible journey to Korea to find not only his biological family but also himself. A story of identity, family, and love, the documentary also features many special guest appearances.

Series episodes will be released every Thursday! Stay tuned!

Special thanks + Acknowledgements for everyone who made this happen coming soon.

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