The Early-In-The-Week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 3/2/14

I hope you all are having a great start to the first week in March. Today brings us a handful of videos that dropped within the past week, with the lot leaning more in the Hip-Hop direction. But there are a couple of exceptions to offer some variety so take a listen and see what may strike your fancy.

Big Phony – “The Hours”

It’s been too long since we’ve last heard from Big Phony, but he has a couple new albums out – one being Long Live the Lie. “The Hours” is the first to get a music video and it’s a refreshing watch bringing a touch of surreal theatrics to the screen. I definitely enjoyed this one.

Parker – “Ganghis Kahn”

Dumb’s latest takes on a retro pop-art style that reminds me of something I could have seen on Yo! MTV Raps. Using an off kilter visual style and irreverent humor this video keeps firmly plants a foot in both goofy and cool territories. And that’s not necessarily a feat easily carried out.

Paul Kim – “Take That”

If you’re looking for something a little smoother for your evening listen festivities, then no look no further than this falsetto-driven tune from Paul Kim. PK channels his best Robin Thicke vibe and this a fairly convincing job of it. The video is par for the course, keeping things steamy on a PG-13+ level.

J-Reyez x Rob Campman – “Give It All Away”

J. Reyez and the artist formerly known as Southstar certainly seem to have struck up a rapport. “Give It All Away” is the latest collaboration between the two and they continue to build upon their dynamic. It’s a decent listen track overall and the video does hold some entertainment value.

Andrew Huang – “Winter”

Andrew Huang opted for a minimalist approach for this video, which is fitting considering it’s for a raw piano ballad. Although all the pieces fit well together, the profile view limits our ability to take in his expression while singing… I wouldn’t have minded a slightly different angle.

Jargon x Josh K – “Bandz”

If a rap music video director went to VFX workshop led by JJ Abrams, then their project might looks something like this. Girls, money, and lens flare are the components of this MV, and none of them are lacking. I walked away indifferent on the song and visual, but I know much of Jargon’s core audience can appreciate this more than I.


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