Marie Digby Introduces the New FormulaX Spring Line by Sephora

I’m not female, and anything to do with fashion and makeup is pretty much all French to me. But in this case it’s actually a little bit more Irish and Japanese, in the form of Marie Digby, and I’m more than OK with that. Alright, so this isn’t something I’m particularly interested in but for those of you who like to get their nails did, let Marie tell you about this new line from Sephora.

I’ve been a massive Sephora fan for years! This girly girl cannot get enough when it comes to cosmetics and skincare..totally my guilty pleasure. It was pretty much a dream to collaborate with Sephora on their new spring line of Formula X (the most amazing nail polish out there in my opinion). Please check it out!
@formulaxnail which is only @sephora =)
More information at

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