Just ‘Cause: The Thirst Is Real For These KPOP Fans of Miss A


This ain’t exactly typical a-Tunes material – but it gave me a good chuckle. The following video clip is amusing until you give it some thought. At first glance, it’s hilarious to see these guys LOSE THEIR MINDS when the KPOP group, Miss A, takes the stage. But then you realize it’s a room full of exclusively young men… and they are starting to look more like this:

But this is what being a KPOP star is all about, I guess. Catering to your fans, even if the demographic is an all-male audience that are creepily and intensely loving your every move. And at least they behaved themselves, politely containing their rabid excitement to the confines of their general seating area. But one thing can’t be denied, the thirst is real. Check the 5:20 mark for maximum entertainment.

Why? Just ‘Cause.

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