The End-of-The-Week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 3/14/14

Wow. This is one of the busier weeks for music video releases, and surprisingly, the majority are Hip-Hop joints. But we still got a couple different genre’s here to mix it up. There are a couple faces we haven’t seen a while in this mix as well as some we could almost consider weekly staples at this point. Have a gander and enjoy your Friday!

Rob Campman x J. Reyez – “Here for the Night”

As Rob Campman continues to distance himself from his Southstar alias, it seems like he’s built up a strong working relationship with J. Reyez. And along the way, I’ve gone from mildly apathetic to fairly appreciative of their music. This most recent drop (off Red Envelope) is their strongest yet – even with a video that looks an awful like a Bacardi ad.

Power Struggle – “In Your Hands… Until the End”

I’m always a fan when a Hip-Hop artist puts a little soul and heart into their craft, and Power Struggle has done that again with his latest. Some people like songs that make you drink, and some like those that make you think. This is definitely the latter – and I’m a fan.

Kina x Misa x Emi Grannis – “My Own”

Kina’s next album, Elements, is due in just a couple months but we’re given a nice preview via this song/video for the only track off the project that is about her family. And it even features her lovely sisters, Misa & Emi. This is one of those, just-sit-back-and-enjoy type of affairs – and I think most of you will.

Jason Chen – “Live It Up”

Now this is something a bit unexpected. But Jason Chen has been sponsored by H&R Block to celebrate Tax Refund season. knowing the corporate background actually kind of makes me like the song less, but regardless it’s a harmless pop ditty with a cute video – although the female lead makes Jason Chen look rather short.

Clara C – “Things Untold”

Seeing as how the two artists share much of the same managerial staff, it shouldn’t shock me that Clara too has a H&R Block sponsored song and video. It too, is a song to highlight the celebration of life – although I do dig it a touch more than Jason’s. But the message is clear, use your tax refund and go on a road trip… and if you use H&R Block to file, they wouldn’t mind.

Sam Ock – “Here I Go”

Mr. Samuel Ock released his Move EP a couple months back, and this video is in promotion of it. He stays true to his style of mixing genres to craft a catchy, melodic type of Hip-Gospel. The video is actually just montage footage from Korea but don’t let that deter you from giving it a listen.

Chris Cash – “What You Smokin’ On?”

Chris Cash just dropped the MV for a track that would fit on a radio playlist… from 2011. It’s an easy, laid-back listen though the auto-tune makes feel already a bit dated. Can’t say the video is convincingly redemptive either.

Gold Rush Kings – “Swervin”

I gotta admit, I miss the days past of Odds during his stint Jupitersciples. But it’s hard to deny that with his style change came a certain polished, confident quality. The duo rhyme over a dope, spacey and laid-back instrumental while the video borrows on the common Southern California locales and scenery. This cut is from The Rush Tape.

Akademikz x Paul Onion – “I’m from the A”

We’ve got a new MV from Akademikz and it serves as an auto-biographical affair. But interestingly enough, it features another southern artist whom we know as PassDa, but he seems to have re-invented himself as Paul Onion. I like the song, but the lo-fi video didn’t really do it for me.

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