Are You Keeping Up with the Alpha Girls? (Episode 3)

We’re a little late in posting this up. But the docu series following TOKiMONSTA (along with Mina Kwon, Miss Lawn and Soo Joo Park) is on their 3rd episode with the 4th set to drop in a couple days. Stay up to date on their respective adventures as each of the 4 stars continues their grind in their unique fields. In case you missed it, you should check out episodes 1 & 2 first!

Soo Joo meets with her agency on how to tackle Fashion Week
Toki prepares and performs at her first Korean gig
Mina arrives in Las Vegas and waits to meet Tyga & Pharrell
Lanie puts on a “ratchorlette party” for her friend despite Trade Show

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