10 Live Performances for Your Wednesday Night

There’s something about a live atmosphere that is hard to match. True, you’re almost certainly listening to a technically inferior version of your favorite songs due to the live nature and lack of studio polish, but there is an energy present that makes it all so dynamic and memorable. Of course, this is much more amplified when this is done before an audience, which most of these clips are – but there are a few in here that are simple “living room” covers and are still very much enjoyable.

Run River North – “Growing Up”

*Note, I saw them live last night, and they are fantastic. Definitely try to catch them if they are ever in your town.

Project Prepix Asia Dance Freestyle

Steve Aoki x Waka Flocka Flame – “Rage the Night Away”

Megan Lee – “Dreams”

Legaci x Summerbreeze – “All Because of You”

Bochan – “Hello Hi”

Oak & Gorski – “Pretty Far Gone”

AM Kidd – “Looking Glass”

Andy Suzuki & The Method – “Lucy (Devil Song)”

JRA – “Let Us Go”

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