The Mid-Week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 4/17/14

Oh hi! I didn’t see you there. Of course, I never do since this is just a blog. OK, enough with the existential nonsense – you’re here for the videos and we’ve got the latest batch for you. So please, do partake in this half-dozen collection of music videos and feel free to tell us what you think. I certainly already have – but you probably knew that.

Far Eat Movement – “The Illest” (Ktown Riot Edit)

The original video for “The Illest” was certainly entertaining, but I’m loving this version so much more. It brings FM back to their K-Town LA roots, especially as we approach the anniversary of the ’92 LA riots. Plus, a number of hometown heroes make cameos including Dumbfoundead and TOKiMONSTA. And yes, even Uncle Snoop decides to show up too. I’m glad they dropped both versions of the video for this track.

IAMMEDIC – “Get Back Home”

IAMMEDIC, it’s been too long! News of their return was warmly welcomed around here but absence only makes the heart grow fonder – so does the new material live up to the wait? For the most part, yes. With a catchy new single and a well produced MV, it’s a great one-two punch for promoting their return to the music scene. Can’t wait to hear more.

Jhene Aiko – “Comfort Inn Ending”

Drama, passion, emotion – it’s all present in Jhene’s latest visual and what’s not to appreciate? You know me by now, I’m always a fan when artists choose to tell a story through their craft, and she does exactly that. It’s a compelling watch complete with a theatrical flair. I like it.

Awkwafina – “Flu Shot”

Queen’s Awkwafina teamed up with StudioAPA for this MV/LV of sorts. There isn’t any live footage but rather a mixture of animated media and text to highlight the track. It’s a more intriguing watch than it sounds on paper but I’m still not really sure if this should be classified as a lyric video or not. I suppose it doesn’t really matter – if you like the song, I’m sure you’ll appreciate the video.

Akademikz x J-Burma x Joules x Timothy Flu – “The Connect”

Decent video but I’m more drawn by the collection of artists and the solid collaborative track they put through. And Jennifer Chung’s husband, Joules, can rap? Who knew? The visual is standard, in-the-studio, affair but it’s really only there to promote the track – and it’s a pretty decent one at that.

Andrew Huang – “Hurt”

Mr. Huang is promoting this new cut from his latest album, The Coldest Darkness, and like most of his work, it’s simple but well executed. This one is portrayed mainly through the vehicle of dance and Andrew’s signature “glitch-ish” style of editing. All in all, it worked out pretty well.

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