Jabbawockeez Team Up with Rob Dyrdek & Lunchables for ‘Fully Uploaded’

I’m a Jabbawockeez fan. It’s as simple as that. I’m also a Rob Dyrdek fan, not so much for his skating (a world I’m a bit oblivious too), but more so for his ridiculous reality TV shows like Rob & Big. Well they all teamed up for Lunchables new web series, Fully Uploaded, where they chat it up a little bit and also work with Freddie Wong on a new skit. It’s dance entertainment at it’s finest.

The Jabbawockeez teamed up with Rob Dyrdek and Lunchables Uploaded on their cool new web series called Fully Uploaded. In this episode, we sit with Rob and talk about our passion for dance, how we became the Jabbawockeez and our first big break. Catch the skit we did with Freddie Wong and see how Rob helps us ‘step up our game’ in Vegas. We even let Rob ‘try out’ to be a Jabbawockee — see if he made the cut on this episode of Fully Uploaded. Visit http://www.FullyUploaded.com for a deeper look into the episode and to keep up with the entire series.

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