Required Reading: Yo-Yo Ma & the Kids of Detroit

Yo-Yo Ma with kids from Detroit Public Schools

This isn’t your typical a-Tunes post about a budding Youtube star or rising Asian-American talent making a name for themselves overseas. No, this is about an already established and world renowned musician, the one and only Yo-Yo Ma.

A couple years ago, I had the privilege of catching attending a Yo-Yo Ma concert, and let me tell you – I’m not that avid of a classical music fan (casual, at best) but I came away with a new found appreciation for this man and his craft. What he can do with a single cello is simply awe-inspiring.

But he’s not limiting that type of experience for those that can afford to shell out for tickets at the Kennedy Center. Nope, he’s also bringing his passion for music into the schools to introduce new generations to the arts. In a recent article from Michigan Radio, they chronicle his visit to a Detroit Public School and how he interacted and introduced many of the students into a world he has spent the past several decades in.

It’s heart-warming and encouraging, and a definite recommended read. Check it out in full over at Michigan Radio.

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