Required Reading: Far East Movement Talks ‘Ktown Riot’ With Redbull

If you haven’t been keeping up with the Far East Movement, then this feature article with Redbull is a great place to start. The fellas of the Cherrytree act speak to RedBull on what they’ve been up to and how circumstance has brought them to the point where they are ready to release a new album, Ktown Riot. For those that lost track of the group after their Dirty Bass 2012 release, this helps put the pieces together – starting with their infectious and slowly growing hit, “The Illest“.

We had to do some soul-searching. Even with a lot of our earlier stuff, our last album [2012’s ‘Dirty Bass’] and a lot of the stuff you’ll find online is very international. We made that album while touring and in green rooms. We were touring with LMFAO and Rihanna and really embracing the international dance scene, but we really had to refocus… We were grateful for putting out that album because it kept us touring, even though people out in the US didn’t know that we had three or four Top 10 singles out in the UK. Out in LA, we vanished. We started this funny thing online, ‘RIP Far East Movement,’ like we’re dead. We really had to refocus, humble ourselves and go to the underground.

Read it in full over at RedBull.

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