The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 8/6/14 – Hip-Hop Edition

OK, OK, OK. Same deal as last time. We’re still catching up on the music video releases so we’re throwing a bunch together with a loose common denominator – this time everything is Rap/Hip-Hop. Now, I know this is still a wide genre so you can expect things to span the entire length of the spectrum. And in the interest of time, I’ve kept the mini reviews more micro with only a single like and dislike noted for each one.

Here they are, in no particular order.

DANakaDAN x Priska – “Stuntman”

+The dude has come a long way from afterschoolspecial, nearly everything was on point
-Minor but some of Priska’s closeups were way too whited out

Matt Brevner x Tom MacDonald – “Dark Side of the Moon”

+Fantastically produced visual
-I really don’t have anything negative to say… maybe throw in a Michael Bay explosion for fun?

D-Pryde – “Been At”

+Prizzy never fails to spit hard
-I miss his collabs with Rik Cordero

Joanlee – “Ricochet”

+This may be the strongest release by JL yet
-The lighting on the color sections is not as crisp as the B/W parts

Jason Chu – “No Angels”

+Simple but moving visual
-Perhaps a little too simple

Fung Bros – “Generation VLT”

+Amusing mix of humor and music
-Not sure it’s something I could bump on repeat, lacks replay-ability

Matt Brevner x Stevie Ross – “Pride”

+Other rappers clearly need to step their visual game up after Matt’s last two
-A NSFW label would have been nice

Jason Chu – “Oh Lord”

+I can appreciate how laser focused/topical Chu’s songs are
-Chu gets experimental with his flow and it’s a little hit or miss at times.

Derez – “Forever In Us”

+Promising concept to the video
-Could have used a little more emotional punch

Derez – “Archives”

+Derez put forward a decent track
-Video’s sepia color scheme is way overdone

AM Kidd – “Medicine”

+Diggin’ the song
-Can’t say I’m a fan of the psuedo 3D style of editing

AM Kidd – “Worth the Wait”

+Good vibe/strong song production
-I see what they were going for overall, but video could have used tighter direction

Gold Rush Kingz – “Knock Em Down” (ft Thurz)

+Song is a strong listen overall
-The retro vibe they are going for feels a little too much “Windows Movie Maker” and too little YO! MTV Raps

Jin – “Busta Rhymes”

+It’s cool to hear Jin get a little more aggressive with his flow again
– Rek did this style of video better. See “You Can’t Be Serious”, below.

Rekstizzy – “You Can’t Be Serious”

+I’m diggin Rek’s style more when it’s toned down like this
-Visuals are quirky but arguably a little too much so

J. Reyez x JimmyBoi x Thai – “Don’t Bother Me”

+I can nearly always appreciate collaborations
-Everything about this song/video has been done before way too many times

Gold Rush Kingz – “Whatever It Takes”

+Odd’s flow stole the show
-Oh yay. Another club/girls/alcohol rap video. These are soooo rare.

Lil Crazed – “Twerk”

+Video quality is commendable
-But the visual is unmemorable overall


Shogunna – “Cardiac Arrest”

+Well polished song/video
-Corny hook

Shogunna – “100 Bars”

+I’m always a fan when a rapper just wants to rap
-That iphone-esque stabilization effect is wildly irritating

Nump Trump – “Rollin A Wood” (ft Andre Greenback, Buck Bars, Jers Dilli, Ant Bankx, Russ Coson)

+I like the bassy, Bay area beat
-I Nump likes his weed but I’d love for him to rap about something else for once

Ant Trax x Vickz x Griz – “Starry Eyed”

+I liked the concept as a whole
-But was a little weirded out seeing kids act out some of the scenes

Jay Park – “Taekwondo”

+It’s cool to see Jay Park living it up BTS
-I still get the feeling Jay is trying too hard to be what he thinks a rapper should be

Dru B Shinin’ – “Take my Picture”

+I enjoyed the narrative of the video
-Although the entire production could use a tad more polish

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