Required Reading: Asian-Americans Outspend Average Music Fans

Well I came across this interesting tidbit today on Billboard. According to a study, it seems that Asian-Americans spend the most on music out of any other demographic. It appears to be a combination of quickly adapting new distribution technologies and coming from generally more affluent backgrounds. It’s not too long a read, and I recommend you check out the Billboard’s sources, because they too offer some neat factual insight.

Nielsen’s new report says Asian-Americans spend more on music than the average American consumer by a margin of $112 to $105. They spend more on live music — $44 per person each year — than any other multicultural segment of the population. The $19 they average on annual CD purchases is $6 more than the national average. They also spend twice the national average on music gift cards.

They also mentioned that Asian-Americans are more likely to mirror the music preferences of the country as a whole, and don’t seem to trend in any particularly unique direction. And reading between the lines, that suggests the lack of support for Asian-American artists as a whole – at least in a sense that fails to differ from the rest of the nation. And that’s a shame.

I’ve always been a proponent of supporting talent, period. But it can’t hurt to throw some extra support behind our artists, because breaking through the industry is already hard enough as it is. OK, I’m stepping down from my soapbox now.

Source: Billboard

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