Two Cents: Apathy Killed the Asian American Star

So I decided to give vlogging a try and I realized I talk WAY too much. I apologize for being so verbose, I’ll work on it for the future =).

Anyways, the point of the video is this: Support the music you love, because we, the consumer can shape the market for Asian American musicians.

Here are the articles I referred to:

Hope I didn’t bore you to death! Thoughts? Comments?

8 thoughts on “Two Cents: Apathy Killed the Asian American Star

  1. Congrats on first vlog! Love the article and your arguement! People should buy music that they like so artists can stay around to make more music. Like they said a couple KMF’s ago, “Free Music Kills Musicians.”

  2. Hey GT, found your site through 8Asians and I’m glad I did. I completely agree that we, as members of the Asian-American community, should be more vigilant about actively supporting Asian and Asian-American artists. We can talk all we want about this and that; but if we don’t go out there and take upon ourselves to be active, then it’s a moot point.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. Looking forward to future vlogs!

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