The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 8/27/14 – Battle of the Bands Edition

Hello, friends. We’re still digging out of our backlog of MVs to review and share – so we’re sticking with the micro-review format. One positive, one negative, and on to the next one. This collection is made up exclusively of bands. It’s not really a battle, but “Battle of the Bands” is a catchier headline. Rock (and all it’s variations) is a genre that’s too little represented on a-Tunes if you ask me!

Run River North – “Excuses”

+Bizarrely hypnotic entertainment
-May trigger acute motion sickness

Royal Pirates – “Love Toxic”

+Catchy & slickly produced
-Not a lot happens

Hope for Icarus – “Come July”

+I thoroughly enjoyed the “timeless” motif
-FX are cute but cheesy

Kore Ionz – “Love You Better” (Soli Remix)

+The most relaxing song I’ve heard all week
-MV is unfocused? I dunno.

Johnny Hi-Fi – “Tonight It Ends”

+Nice Rock tune with a touch of Country
-That lens flare; it’s like it was directed by JJ Abrams

Lions Ambition – “I Got Work Tomorrow”

+This is a fun summer jam type of song
– Audio Mixing is a bit muddy

The Slants – “Just One Kiss”

+It’s cool to see Charm City get some love in the video
-Guerrilla video lacks polish

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