Worst Ever: Steve Aoki’s Stage-dive Fail

Steve Aoki is no stranger to the sacred tenant of a live performance known as the stage dive. Crowd surfing is one of the many skills he’s perfected as a young man in the EDM realm. He’s made extensive use of props and rafts and can be seen soaring from various platforms into the welcoming arms of the sea of faces otherwise known as his fans. Just check his video resume:

But no man is infallible. Even the best fall short at times. The most devout and dedicated can still make an error. And that is exactly what happens in this clip that surfaced last week. Mr. Aoki decides to make one of his trademark flights, only to botch the takeoff. One errant send off, a wayward kick that was solely meant to propel his body had instead displaced some of his equipment – thereby cutting out the sound.

Turned down indeed.

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