Emmalyn Estrada’s G.R.L. Bandmate – Simone Battle – Dead From Suicide

This is the kind of news that is tough to report. Emmalyn Estrada, the Filipino-Canadian singer who is a part of the group G.R.L., has recently lost her bandmate, Simone Battle, due to apparent suicide. There is some speculation that financial troubles may have played an influential factor, with the group not quite finding breakout success in the states yet. Regardless of rhyme or reason, it’s an unsettling and sad moment for the Emmalyn and the group, as well as the Battle’s friends and family. RIP, Simone.

Estrada had the following to say via Instagram:

My heart is beyond broken with sadness which I cannot express in words. I’m trying to imagine the world without her in it and I’m having a really hard time facing reality. It will never be the same again. And even though the world is darker now that you’re gone, my world will eternally be a better place because your giving, genuine loving soul has touched mine. ‘Life is but a dream’ ..I wish this wasn’t real life and I’d wake up from this nightmare. But I hope in my heart that for you, one day we can fulfill all of your dreams. Your brave, passionate, fearless spirit will help me fight through the end of each day, it will live on forever. There’s not a minute that goes by that I don’t think about you, you are everywhere I go.. I’d give anything to see your smile or hear the sound of your voice one last time. I’ll hold your heart next to mine every day and honor the joy and light you left behind. I miss you.. I wish you knew the true love and happiness I feel inside knowing that you are smiling – shining down on us. May you rest in peace and spread your wings my beautiful best friend, my sister, my angel. We’re Simi and Yemmi and we like the boom. I love you, Simone. Always and forever.

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