The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 9/10/14 – Silly Video Edition

We’re still on that micro review tip (one pro, one con)… and we probably will remain so until we work this the sizable backlog. This week’s theme is silliness. All of the following are either playful, humorous, satirical or some combination of them all. If one of these can’t get you to chuckle, then you’ve got a dark, dark, soul. Lighten up, geeze.

Cynthia Lin & the Blue Moon All Stars – “Zombie Heart”

+Campy, in a good way
-It’s pretty much Monster Mash/Thriller, 2014 edition

Sam Tsui & Friends – “I’ll Think of You”

+Impressive from a performance stand point
-Basically a glorified ad for the Canon Vixia Mini X camera

Dreamz – “Can’t Dance”

+Catchy in a kinda good way
-Catchy in a kinda bad way

Gunnarolla x Meghan Tonjes – “PAT DAT PUSSY”

+Ridiculously silly song
-The fluctuating focus drove me nuts

Gunnarolla – “I Won’t Treat You Like …”

+This is a fun throwback to vintage Pop
-It’s not quite as funny as I was hoping it would be

Andrew Huang – “Rocket”

+That bass line
-It’s kinda WTF… who likes arugula that much?

Mikey Bustos x Bogart the Explorer- “The Halo Halo Song”

+A perfect satire on the state of Hip-Hop (circa 2009)
-It just reminds me how stupid some music was a few years ago

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