Required Reading: Steve Aoki’s Feature in the LA Times

The past few years have been big for Steve Aoki. And if you follow a-Tunes, which is hopefully why you’re here, you probably already know that. So it makes sense that the LA Times would do a full feature article on the premiere EDM talent, shedding some light on the label head, DJ, and heir to the Benihana fortune – as he steps out to make a name for himself as his own man.

Contrary as it may seem to Aoki’s self-styled image as ringmaster to dance music’s decadent demi-monde of Molly pills and Patron shots, the entertainer established his earliest cultural bona fides in the SoCal hardcore and punk rock scene, where building community and fight-the-power politics speak louder than bling.

The article is a pretty great read, touching upon everything from his start as a kid in LA to his family life and how he handles all the additional scrutiny that comes with fame.

“You see the comments come in: ‘Aoki’s a clown, a poser.’ I do feel a bit insecure about it,” Aoki admitted. “I thought, ‘Maybe I should stop caking.’ But then I thought, ‘I can’t let these people dictate the way I live.’ In this space, it’s all about the moment.”

It really does seem that Aoki has a bright future ahead of him – and we can only hope that his success continues to grow. The dude seems determined and we can respect that.

“The crazy parties! The cake face! It does come across as ignorant fun,” Aoki said. “But I have this whole other aspect that I really want to expose — to show I’m not some dumb, spoiled brat. I want meaning in my life.

“I want to help the empowerment of whatever I’m doing,” he said. “I never want to be watching on the sidelines.”

Read the post in full over at the LA Times.

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