Microsoft x 2NE1 Collabo? Yea That Happened

It’s no secret that KPOP group 2NE1 has been looking for the right opportunity to make the jump overseas. Although their label’s hesitancy is not unwarranted as many of their fellow Asian predecessors have seen little success, especially in terms of longevity. But I suppose landing their music an ad placement for a major North American technology corporation is certainly  a fair way to dip their toes into this side of the Pacific (or Atlantic… or Gulf).

Last month, Microsoft released a new ad for their Surface Pro 3 tablet computer series that launched earlier in the summer. It featured the group’s 2011 hit, “내가 제일 잘 나가“, which roughly translates to “I Am the Best”. What’s most surprising is the fact that the song wasn’t even edited and the Korean lyrics were kept intact. Also, this advert was uploaded to the company’s North American Youtube channel, rather than their South Korean one.

Not bad 2NE1. Hope there’s more to come.

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