The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 10/15/14 – SFX Edition

As someone who goes through many many music videos, it’s always a pleasure to watch something where the artists and their team tried to do a little something different. Today, I’m going to go through some videos that features a good bit of post-production, meaning a fair amount of special effects (both digital and physical) were used to give their visuals a little extra flair. Let me tell, it’s very much appreciated.

So here’s the mini-review round up, sorted in alphabetical order by song title.

Clara C – “Another Day”

+The use of effects isn’t ostentatious but well done
-Woulda been cool to see some mirroring effects a la Kanye’s “All Falls Down”

Kawehi – “Anthem”

+Coolest video in this group, hands down
-It’s super cool, but not quite perfect with the editing

Steve Aoki x Kid Ink – “Delirious (Boneless)”

+Video is fun (but dumb)
-I like the song but try getting that bass line outta your head. It’s there forever.

Crystal Kay – “Dum Ditty Dumb”

+Great mix of animation and live-action video
-Not really a dig on this song, but Kay should have debuted in the states with this “Yokohama Ratchet Pop” style

IAMMEDIC – “Get Back Home”

+Glad to see IAMMEDIC back in action with a catchy tune/cool video
-Where’s Danny & Andre? I only see Enik & DJ Yup

Arden Cho – “My True Happy”

+Sharp animation
-If you’re an Arden fan, the lack of Arden maybe a ding for you

Mike B x Toestah – “Q&A”

+THANK YOU LAWD for adding some refreshing flair to a rap video
-Take away the effects and it’s not noteworthy. But that’s OK, I still dig it.

Steve Aoki x Waka Flocka Flame – “Rage the Night Away”

+Aoki made Waka Flocka bearable
-I’d rather hear someone like Busta spit double time on a track like this

Marie Digby x Ryan Farish – “Round and Round”

+I like hearing Marie on something uptempo
-The MV is just a glorified  Winamp visualization (rememba those!?)

Bambu x DJ Supreme Fist – “Shabs”

+Whimsical animation juxtaposed against aggresive video is a cool mix
-I know what Bam is about, and I appreciate it, but dude needs to make a happy song. Just once.

Jason Chen – “Time Machine”

+The CGI isn’t heavy, but the staging is impressive
-The song isn’t quite as emotionally epic as it attempts to be

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