Nick Cannon Looking to Create a K-Pop Inspired Musical Series



Wow. We already knew that Nick Cannon had a predilection for K-Pop; his work with the Wonder Girls already proved that. But I never would have guessed that he’d want to get behind a musical series similar to Glee, but with a K-Pop twist. Some are dubbing it the spiritual remake of Korea’s smash hit series, Dream High, from a few years ago.

From the looks of the casting call, it appears the show will be called The Drop, and it’s being speculated that the series may air on Nickelodeon, but this has yet to be confirmed. If I had my guess, they may try to push it as an online web series or partner with some regional distribution channels before making the jump to nationalized cable television – though I didn’t expect Nick to air a Wonder Girls movie either, so who knows?

Maybe some of our favorite a-Tunes stars will make an appearance… that’d be pretty cool, for sure. We’ll keep our ears to the ground for this one and keep you updated!

Source: KoreAm via IW

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