The Wonder Girls Tease New Single – “The DJ Is Mine”; Watch the TeenNick Movie Trailer

It would appear that the Wonder Girls are revving up the promotional engine for their stateside activities again. Now that the new year has begun, we have a teaser for a new single, “The DJ is Mine”, featuring the Nick Cannon managed pop act, the School Gyrls. By the sound of it, we’re going to soon find out what the Korean Pop import will sound like when set to the tune of a little dub-step. The single is from their upcoming TeenNick movie, The Wonder Girls.

According to one blog, the music video may see it’s debut at the CES show this week. Why at a the Consumer Electronics Show? Well, the debut will take place in conjunction with the folks at Samsung as they showcase the music video in all it’s unnecessary 3D glory. Looks like JYP is diggin deep for this one.


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