JoAnne Lee Passes Away Due to Injuries Sustained From Car Accident


This isn’t completely confirmed, but numerous news outlets are reporting the passing of JoAnne Lee, a Korean-American singer who made waves at the young age of 13 in the KPOP biz, before putting her career on hold and returning back to the states. JoAnne is said to have suffered fatal injuries as a result of a car accident on this past Thanksgiving weekend, and remained in a coma for several days. She succumbed to her injuries. Lee was 26 years old.



There haven’t been any official statements released as of yet, but if this hold true, we can only imagine how heartbroken her family must be.

Ever since her career stalled in the early 00’s, JoAnne was looking to find her way, even travelling to China and Taiwan to study. In recent years, she’s appeared a couple times on Korean TV as well as featured for some fellow a-Tunes artists. She was a bright, young talent who appeared to have many years ahead of her. We pray that she is now finding her way home in peace.

RIP, JoAnne.



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